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Jason taught me a lot about what exceptional leadership looks like… He was great at providing both the grand vision for projects (which always delighted our clients) and being our grounding rock and source of wisdom as we navigated the day-to-day challenges of execution.❞ —Annie McDougall, Senior UX/UI Designer


Jason Theodor

Executive Design Leader with 15+yrs experience leading teams in digital design, transformation & innovation, most recently for financial services.

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Jason Theodor comes with a reputation. Innovative thinker, digital maven, inspirer of people and sprinkler of magic.❞ —Nick Palmer, Design Leader


Hello! My name is Jason Theodor. It's great to meet you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

  • I am comfortable with ambiguity. I have what Simon Sinek calls an infinite mindset which simply means there is never one right answer or one way of doing things. I am also a…

Design Executive (since 2005) who can…

  • lead digital innovation & transformation project design teams
  • with clients such as:
  • build and manage a diverse, inclusive and multi-talented design practice (even remotely!)
  • at firms & agencies like:
  • pitch and win new business
  • with clients like:
  • and transform coaching and employee growth practices
  • such as:

and a Creative Thought Leader (since 2006) who loves to…

  • speak about design and creativity at conferences around the world
  • at places like:
  • teach and facilitate workshops using design & creative practices
  • at these fine schools and institutions:
  • write about creativity and strategy
  • to these audiences:

AWESOME work! Thank you for sharing your brilliance... [it is] very concrete and applicable and…deepens the dimension of creativity.❞ —John Yeo, Educator



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