Become a "Createor"

Become a "Createor"

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No, that's not a typo.

It's the first two words of—my new site about creativity. It sounds like a mashup of 'meteor' and 'crater.' And in a funny way, these two words—meteor and crater— are a fitting illustration of what being creative is all about:

☄️ Meteor

Ignites the atmosphere in an impressive display of pyrotechnics as it streaks across the sky

🌘 Crater

A disk-shaped hole caused by an impact or explosion, often the result of a meteor blast

Would you rather be a meteor or a crater?

Makers and takers

It takes courage to be a meteor, to put yourself out there, to shine your light, to burn up trying. Sometimes you grant someone's wish, and other times no on sees it at all. Sometimes you rain down in showers, and other time you fade away or crash down to earth.

Telling people how to be creative is easy, it’s only being it that’s difficult —John Cleese

The most exciting thing is the birth of a new idea, working to bring that idea to life, and watching it change and evolve over time. This requires curiosity, discipline, and intuition (all of which the site will get into); but most importantly it requires faith in yourself—something that is often in short supply.

It takes a little less courage to be a crater, to take it all in, to be moved or changed by someone else's creation. But in a way, it's just as vital. The crater is the silent witness to the meteor; evidence that the falling rock tried, that it existed.

We are all makers and takers of varying proportions. We all create, and we all bear witness. And that's why I call the members and followers of this site Createors.

Createors get to visit the Creative Edge

I study and write about the Creative Edge. There are many of them, like the edge of reason, edge of space, the cutting edge, the bleeding edge. But an edge isn't just a precipice or a sharp implement. It can also be an advantage, a tool, an insight.

The hidden edges are what creativity is all about: making something that doesn't exist, exist. Turning fiction into non-fiction. Turning rocks into shooting stars. And I want to help you get better at it.

Every week, more or less, I tell you what I'm working on, and share some thoughts, tips, findings, inspirations, tools, resources, and/or musings related to creativity—all in the service of helping you be more creatively courageous (like a meteor) and more forgiving and resilient from your mistakes (like a crater).

Stop thinking about how creative you are. Start thinking about how you are creative.

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