All-Day Breakfast

All-Day Breakfast

An art journal experiment about creative expression

All-Day Breakfast

What began as a commitment to create something daily, turned into quite the strange journal of photography, illustration, and self-reflection. I called it all-day breakfast because it is one of my favourite things to see on a menu, but also because it is what you want whenever you want it: an eclectic mix of ingredients served up anytime you feel it's appropriate.

The purpose of the journal is to create for the sake of creation. I decided I would make 555 daily entries, roughly 18 months, before I could consider myself finished with it. The stress and constraints of this conceit, publishing something every day, became part of the creative process itself.

This entire (unfinished!) project has been a masterclass in letting go of perfection, fear, and self-doubt; of embracing spontaneity and the uniqueness of self-expression; of discipline and self-motivation. And of letting art just be art, without a commercial or nefarious purpose.

How to Read All-Day Breakfast

Think of it more like a magazine or art book—it's something you can just flip through until something grabs your interest. There is no through line, no over-arching theme, other than the evolution of the work itself. I hope you find something to enjoy.

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