💡⤴ Jason Theodor, Idea Booster
💡⤴ Jason Theodor, Idea Booster

💡⤴ Jason Theodor, Idea Booster


Hello! I'm really excited that you're here. Please explore and reach out.


Obligatory Bio

I'm a recovering creative executive with a storied career founded on improving ideas.

I could list all the places I've worked, and all the companies I've worked with, but that's what LinkedIn is for.

Instead, let me list some areas of interest, and see where they might overlap with your own creative and innovative needs:

Why you may want to hire me to look at your ideas

Why you may want to hire me to look at your ideas

This…blurb…is meant to describe me, but that's a difficult task. I am so many different things—sometimes all at once. But there are a few specific things you should know about how I approach ideas:

I play to learn

I love to experiment with things that feed me new information, or challenge me in new ways, especially unusual combinations of things. If you have a challenge, I want to know everything about it. If I'm learning, I don't run out of energy.

I can do better

According to my therapist, "I can do better" is my core belief, an inner-mantra/motto which can be used to improve or denigrate oneself. I try to use it more for kaizen than self-flagellation. But at least you know I'll be harder on myself than you'll ever be (and I'll continue improving).

I will make you think sideways

My personal guarantee is to help you see things in ways you've never looked at them before. I'm a practiced lateral thinker, a purposeful generalist, and a student of human nature. Sometimes this is called lateral thinking.

I see what's going on here

I can distill things into their most salient, crucial parts. I like to edit, analyze, and find the essence of ideas—and then connect them to other essences to see a bigger picture. Sometimes this is called strategy.

All of these features combine to make a creative consultant, an artist, a writer, a teacher, and a coach who can help you bring your ideas into the next dimension.

For external proof, assumption/validation, or just plain old curiosity, check out some of my projects or sign up for my newsletter.


  • Creativity & ideation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Digital branding & marketing
  • Product and experience design
  • Public speaking


  • Blockchain innovation using crypto, NFTs, and DAOs
  • Complicated board-game rules and game theory


  • Grating egos
  • Close-mindedness
  • Status quo

🧠🌩  Brainstorming is Dead 🚫😳 (Coming Soon)


Wherein the author explains how they have re-branded brainstorming as idea boosters


I am just a human trying to understand my surroundings.

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Hearts Out


I am self-diagnosed with perfection anxiety and impossible syndrome.

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