Twitter Tweet Sheet 2

A lot has changed on Twitter since I posted the original Tweet Sheet in February of 2008. It’s being used more (thanks to aplusk, oprah, and countless others) and it’s failing a lot less. There have been a few evolutions to the nomenclature on Twitter, and I decided to dust off the old Tweet Sheet and give it a fresh coat of paint. You’ll notice the font is a bit smaller, because more info is crammed into this one. It contains all the commands you know and love, with the addition of OH (Over Heard), RT (ReTweet) and the # (keyword/hash tag). It also mentions a few applications for desktop and iPhone. Makes the perfect gift for that Twitter newb friend of yours.

This PDF doesn’t waste as much paper either, with 11 cards on a standard letter-sized sheet plus instructions.

Enjoy. And please comment. (I’m sure there are still plenty of typos to find and correct.)

Tweet Sheet 2

Download Tweet Sheet 2

Twitter Tweet Sheet

UPDATE: Tweet Sheet 2 is now available, with updated geekiness. Check it out here.

There’s one things that annoys me about Twitter. Okay, there are two things:

  1. They are always down.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be one official place (including their own site) to get a complete list of mobile and IM commands.

I have fixed all that. Or at least I have fixed #2. I have created an exhaustive, ultra-portable, business-card-sized tweet sheet that you can download, print, cut out, and stick in your wallet or purse. Just click on the image below to download the pdf. Don’t all thank me at once, just go to and follow jted.

Tweet Sheet big

UPDATE: v1.1 has fixed the “PERSOANAL” typo. Not sure exactly what Perso-anal Commands are, but they are now gone.
UPDATE: Another typo has been fixed after almost a year: FAVE now reads FAV. Also, Twitter has disabled TRACKING indefinitely.