The Creative Method and Systems Debut

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After five years of promising myself I would write a book on creativity, I finally got most of my ideas together in one package. I presented this package on April 28th, 2009, at FITC Toronto (an eclectic innovation, design, and technology conference). Cramming half a decade of thinking into a one hour presentation is challenging, but the net result is this distillation of The Creative Method and Systems. It has garnered some attention on, becoming the Top Presentation of the Day in less than 24 hours after posting. I know this was due, in part, by some wonderful Twitter followers who kept broadcasting and relinking to the slideshow. Thank you very much for the attention. This was also due to a timely interview in BlogTO about creativity at FITC by Corina. Thank you to her as well.

So what’s next? An audio addition to the SlideShare presentation is coming in the next few weeks. I’m also creating a Ning community to challenge, use, and discuss these ideas. If you are interested, you can sign up here. But please note that there is very limited space to start and that you may be placed on a waiting list.

There will be a lot more, as this is just the beginning of The Creative Method and Systems. It will continue to grow and evolve as I work toward improving the sections that need more attention, and reacting to comments and suggestions.

If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your school, institution, or agency, feel free to contact me at Jason.Theodor[at] Please put CREATIVE METHOD in the subject.

Thanks again to everyone who has downloaded, watched, favourited, re-tweeted, and linked to The Creative Method and Systems.

Twitter Tweet Sheet 2

A lot has changed on Twitter since I posted the original Tweet Sheet in February of 2008. It’s being used more (thanks to aplusk, oprah, and countless others) and it’s failing a lot less. There have been a few evolutions to the nomenclature on Twitter, and I decided to dust off the old Tweet Sheet and give it a fresh coat of paint. You’ll notice the font is a bit smaller, because more info is crammed into this one. It contains all the commands you know and love, with the addition of OH (Over Heard), RT (ReTweet) and the # (keyword/hash tag). It also mentions a few applications for desktop and iPhone. Makes the perfect gift for that Twitter newb friend of yours.

This PDF doesn’t waste as much paper either, with 11 cards on a standard letter-sized sheet plus instructions.

Enjoy. And please comment. (I’m sure there are still plenty of typos to find and correct.)

Tweet Sheet 2

Download Tweet Sheet 2

Contact Info Pending

Note to self: Need to update site with all my contact information. I don’t think there’s even an email address published here…

Actually, on my Pownce page, the right column details 20 other networks you can compile conflicting information about me on:

This just makes me want to look for more.

Pownce forgot to include:

And I’m sure there’s much more out there.