More LifeFocus is Working

I just spent a few days ‘up north’ at my wife’s grandparents’ cottage. The kids love it up there, as do I. But there is no internet. I know this is not important to normal folk, but when you’re in the midst of posting about your LifeFocus cards it can be a bit rough. Here is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a wee bit of commentary.

LifeFocus System Card 002LifeFocus System Card 003LifeFocus System Card 004

There something extra motivating about posting the results of these cards. I am happy with my vitamin intake, even this early on in the process. It has taken me years and years trying to make sure I get proper nutrition in the morning, but taking vitamins never seemed to stick. Since I’ve been on medication for my sore back (from the car accident in Dec), it has turned into more of a routine. Cutting back on pain-killers and keeping on with multi-vitamins works fine for me. I just need to eat more fruit.

I also like the short diary-like sentences that remind me of the day. It’s like a Twitter journal. The accordion style in my wallet worked well for keeping track of how many glasses of water I drank, but I enjoyed creating a digital version at the end of the day much more.

This week I will explain some of my 10 choices, and hopefully create an editable PDF version for people to test along with me.