Jason Theodor is a Creative Speaker

Brilliant and very inspiring! — Conference Feedback Form


  • Highly-rated talks on creativity since 2006
  • Schools: NYU, Rotmans, Ivey, Humber, OCAD
  • Conferences: FITC, NxNE, Colide, spring festival, Codemotion
  • Cities: Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Graz, Amsterdam, Rome
  • All-day creative workshops



The Fail Lure — Collide, Halifax, 2014

The Pixel Painter: An Interview With 98-Year-Old Digital Artist, Hal Lasko — FITC, Toronto, 2014

FAIL MOAR! — FITC, Toronto, 2014

Create For Your Type — NXNEi Toronto 2013
8.8/10 Speaker Rating

Fantastic – thorough and thought provoking. Best talk so far!

Really enjoyed it!  Will definitely affect the way I work and offered a lot of practical examples to change things in the long term.  THANK YOU!

Create More Better Different — Codemotion, Rome, 2013

The Eight Creative Types —  FITC, Vancouver; #DevTO, Toronto; NXNEi, Toronto; FITC, Toronto, 2012

Host/MC of ETAEmerging Technology and Advertising, , Toronto 2011
Interviewed Evan Roth and Joshua Harris

NXNEi, Toronto, 2011

All-Day Creativity WorkshopNXNEi, Toronto, 2011

Breaking Through Creative Barriers — FITC, Toronto, 2011
9.3/10 Speaker Rating

I really found it helpful the way he was able to create concrete tool kits for a generally abstract creative process. I love learning new process methodologies to inform my own processes.

Loved it. Most practical and useful talk i’ve had yet at a design conference.

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The Creative Method + Systems v2 — springfestival, Graz, Austria, 2011

The Creative Method + Systems: A Primer — OCAD, Toronto, 2011

The Creative Method + Systems Ivey School of Business, 2011

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About BannersGlobe & Mail, Toronto, 2010


Chaos & Creativity: Special Marketing Editioniab MIXX, Toronto, 2010

The Creative Method + Systems v2NXNEi, Toronto, 2010

Creativity & Chaos — FITC, Toronto, 2010

9.1/10 Speaker Rating 

Philosophy & physics to tie into matters of creativity = awesome. Really enjoyed the presentation. Well done.

Ad Vice: Ten Tips for Fledgeling Marketers —  OCAD + Humber College, Toronto, 2010 &

FITC (Amsterdam, February 2010) “Chaos and Creativity

Red Riding Hood Remix: Innovation Through Storytelling — Flash in T.O., Toronto, 2010

4hr The Creative Method + Systems WorkshopRich Media Institute, Toronto, 2009


The Creative Method + Systems New York University, 2009

There Is No Box: How To Think Beyond The EdgeFITC, Toronto, 2009

9.5/10 Speaker Rating

Brilliant and very inspiring!

Extending Your Portfolio OnlineOCAD, Toronto, 2009

4hr Exponential Brainstorming WorkshopRich Media Institute, Toronto, 2008

How to BS* Better — FITC, Toronto & Chicago, 2008 [*Brainstorm]

All-Day Exponential Brainstorming WorkshopRich Media Institute, Toronto, 2007

1% – Because 99% of the Internet is Sh*t — FITC Roadshow, Winnipeg, 2007

Yellow Pages Canada Case StudyVerge, OgilvyOne Global Digital Summit, 2005

Branding and Control in the Digital AgeRotman’s School of Business