LifeFocus System Day 5

LifeFocus System 005

I neglected to look at my card much today, and the consequences are obvious. I missed my multi-vitamins. And I had to squeeze in my sit-ups in bed at the end of the day because I forgot about them too. NOTE TO SELF: view cards more often. Perhaps slip them around the credit card!

I need to examine the Modernist style more, and find an architect that can blend this with a Japanese/Zen aesthetic. Of course then I need a few million to pay the architect and build the house and buy the oceanfront property, and get rid of all my crap so there isn’t clutter everywhere… but… baby steps. Baby steps.

The Big Baz Finale

Baz Plays Go To Your Room (with a surprise ending) from jted on Vimeo.

Canada’s Funniest Home Videos: Baz shows off his natural talent on a white piano at the cottage. I sneaked up on him singing a song called “Go To Your Room”. He switched gears a bit when he noticed me, but kept playing in his wonderfully playful and bouncy manner. At the end of it, he really takes a bow, but lands on his feet. He wasn’t hurt, but we put the piano bench in the furnace room until further notice. Re-watching himself, Baz thinks this is the funniest video on the internet.

More LifeFocus is Working

I just spent a few days ‘up north’ at my wife’s grandparents’ cottage. The kids love it up there, as do I. But there is no internet. I know this is not important to normal folk, but when you’re in the midst of posting about your LifeFocus cards it can be a bit rough. Here is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a wee bit of commentary.

LifeFocus System Card 002LifeFocus System Card 003LifeFocus System Card 004

There something extra motivating about posting the results of these cards. I am happy with my vitamin intake, even this early on in the process. It has taken me years and years trying to make sure I get proper nutrition in the morning, but taking vitamins never seemed to stick. Since I’ve been on medication for my sore back (from the car accident in Dec), it has turned into more of a routine. Cutting back on pain-killers and keeping on with multi-vitamins works fine for me. I just need to eat more fruit.

I also like the short diary-like sentences that remind me of the day. It’s like a Twitter journal. The accordion style in my wallet worked well for keeping track of how many glasses of water I drank, but I enjoyed creating a digital version at the end of the day much more.

This week I will explain some of my 10 choices, and hopefully create an editable PDF version for people to test along with me.

Chinese New Year, New LifeFocus System 6.3beta

Well, it’s finally the Year of the Rat. I’ve been waiting 12 years for this. I want to take full advantage of the momentum and launch myself into the best year ever. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have a brand new LifeFocus card made up, batch 6.3beta, and am going to test it here on this blog. Eventually I will get up and running with the help of my friends Dré Labre and Jeff Cressman. We are going to create something bigger than all of us, we hope.


So this is my new card. I’m going to see how long I can push this one, and routinize 10 things I want to get out of my life. You can see that there is a balance of health, long term, short term, monetary, and creative goals.

The purpose of any LifeFocus System is to train yourself to remember to do the things you want to do. It is NOT a to do list. It does not cover your grocery list, or tell you who to call. It simply reminds you of the things you have identified as important. And it makes you accountable to record and track your progress. Since each card is the size of a business card (3.5″x2″), I like to print 7 together, fold them into an accordion, and carry a week at a time in my wallet.

Card Components:

I called my card Year of the Rat because that’s what I wanted to call it. I was born in 1972 and every 12 years my birth is celebrated by billions of people! It’s a great ego boost. Beside the title is a little space for an avatar, a small picture that represents you. I use a little chair that I drew in design school. To me this chair represents reflection, taking a break, listening, and balance.

This is a brand-new feature for the cards, and will mean more when the online version is brought to life. They are key words that reflect the types of LifeFocus items I am attempting to routinize.

This is how many cards I have gone through. Today is day one, so it is the first card.

This is the current date. Beside it are the days of the week (or more correctly, the first letter of the days of the week) to circle for your convenience.

I like to track my sleep patterns. Other people might want to track when or how long they do certain things (like practice the violin, write, jog, etc). The timeline starts at zero (midnight) and runs a full 24 hours to midnight the next day. Today I slept from 2am to 9am. So I put a small horizontal stroke through the 2nd dot, and another stroke through the 9th dot. Then I drew a longer vertical line to connect them. Beside the timeline I write “7hrs” so I wouldn’t have to add it up later.

LifeFocus Items:
There is enough space on the card for 10 different LifeFocus items, which are marked with a light-grey chevron (<) and the number to the far right of the text field. You do not need to fill every space, but it is not advised to exceed 10. Each LifeFocus item has a few sub-components.

Multi-box: This little grey box can be used to track the following:

  1. Quantity – keep track of numbers. At the end of the day, hoe many glasses of water did you drink?
  2. Yes/No – Use an “X” or a check-mark to indicate a task was completed or accomplished.
  3. Percentages – Colour in half the box to indicate 50%, or a quarter of the box to indicate 25%

Notes (+):
This is a small space underneath the LifeFocus item to make a few notes. These will help to clarify things, give you some perspective, or just keep a (very) brief catalogue or diary of your progress.

LifeFocus Line Item:
This is the LifeFocus item itself. It is advised to write it in an ‘actionable’ fashion, in the great tradition of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Make sure that the item begins with a verb so that you know what action to take. Follow that by an (optional) qualifier or adjective. Then a noun, or the object/goal itself. Try to be as specific as possible given the small amount of space.

Tomorrow I’ll go into a bit more detail on my LifeFocus choices, and where/how you can download your OWN set of LifeFocus System cards (6.3beta) to test along with me. I will also be moving this little LFS party to the blog, and just posting short highlights here.

Presidential Peace Cards Now Restocked

To everyone looking for the Presidential Peace Cards (PS), my sincere apologies. I set the quantity to one by mistake and we sold out in seconds. I have a limited run of 25 original cards all set to go, so feel free to pick them up at a fantastic price of a buck-a-piece. Help support a future Vegetarian Astronaut President! Here’s a link to my daughter’s fresh sight,

Contact Info Pending

Note to self: Need to update site with all my contact information. I don’t think there’s even an email address published here…

Actually, on my Pownce page, the right column details 20 other networks you can compile conflicting information about me on:

This just makes me want to look for more.

Pownce forgot to include:

And I’m sure there’s much more out there.

Peace Cards and Presidents

Presidential Peace Cards

My daughter is turning 6 in a few months, and every day she amazes me. Today she was cutting pieces of cardboard and writing “PS” on them, then circling the letters with purple crayon. When it came time to clean up, I asked her to put them away. “What are these?” I asked. “Peace Cards,” she said. “What are they for?” “I’ll need them when I become President, to sell them for money.” Very interesting. I might sell some of these Peace Cards on my sight. Let me know if you’re interested. 1 card for $1.00.