Four Apple Pies Overheard

[Scene opens in a booth behind a Man and a Woman talking in a McDonald's restaurant at the intersection of The Queensway & Roncesvalles in Toronto.] Woman: Do you want an apple pie, babe? I got four of ‘em. Man: You know this McDonalds has been here for over forty years. This used to be crack central. I live in this nasty… Read more →

Your Top Ten List Can Go To Eleven


My six year old son is the biggest Indiana Jones fan there is. He has a fedora, a bookbag satchel filled with books on Egypology, a bullwhip, and his own Chachapoyan fertility idol piggy bank.

Then we started watching the Harry Potter movies. He loved them. He began walking around the house with a wooden chopstick for a wand.

Putting him to bed one night, he admitted he was suffering from an internal dilemma: What if he began to like wizardry more than archeology? He really liked Harry Potter, but he was afraid that Indiana Jones would slip away. His mother told him that it was okay. He could like both equally. He didn’t have to have one favourite, he could have as many favourites as he needed. He was so happy by that answer.

Our own minds often compel us to sort, organize, prioritize what we believe to be important. Top ten lists are popular ways of presenting cultural information, and they help us find out how we stack up against our Facebook friends. But remember that it’s your choice. You are in control. If you want to, you can put all your favorite things at the very top of the list: together.

Faking It A Bit Can Make It More Real


A camera rarely captures the sweeping emotional largess of a sunset. Especially a tiny non-SLR phone camera. Sometimes the raw image needs a boost. Sometimes an artificial enhancement (HDR) makes the moment feel truer.

Photos taken with an iPhone 4 + Pro HDR by Jason Theodor 2012, all rights reserved.

The 8 Rules of Fire

As I was trying to light a bonfire this evening, using a box of matches and a lot of dry wood, it struck me how difficult it is to get a good fire going. It would flare up and then cool down too fast. The wind would blow out my matches. My initial pieces were far too big. And I… Read more →

Busy As A Beaver

People like to attribute human-like qualities to animals. This is called anthropomorphism. When we see animals doing things, we imagine that they have a sense of purpose, intelligence, creativity, and self-awareness. We can get angry at animals, like when squirrels raid the bird feeder, or when raccoons eviscerate the garbage pail, as if they were annoying us personally. We watch… Read more →

The Incandescent Dims

In this Modern Age we have grown accustomed to the increasingly rapid pace of technological advancement. Computers are obsolete before you get them out of the store. Media formats morph and adapt and fragment. Some objects evolve and other products die. The technology graveyard is littered with Cassette tapes, Laserdisc Players, 8-Tracks, Betamax VCRs, and most recently HD DVDs. But… Read more →

Augmented Reality Goes Postal

I never intended to turn this into an Augmented Reality blog, but there are so many creative ways people are starting to use this burgeoning technology. Many of them are experiments in artistic expression or marketing buzz, but some of them actually serve a practical purpose. In this case, printing out the United States Postal Service eagle icon and placing… Read more →