Twitter Tweet Sheet 2

A lot has changed on Twitter since I posted the original Tweet Sheet in February of 2008. It’s being used more (thanks to aplusk, oprah, and countless others) and it’s failing a lot less. There have been a few evolutions to the nomenclature on Twitter, and I decided to dust off the old Tweet Sheet and give it a fresh coat of paint. You’ll notice the font is a bit smaller, because more info is crammed into this one. It contains all the commands you know and love, with the addition of OH (Over Heard), RT (ReTweet) and the # (keyword/hash tag). It also mentions a few applications for desktop and iPhone. Makes the perfect gift for that Twitter newb friend of yours.

This PDF doesn’t waste as much paper either, with 11 cards on a standard letter-sized sheet plus instructions.

Enjoy. And please comment. (I’m sure there are still plenty of typos to find and correct.)

Tweet Sheet 2

Download Tweet Sheet 2

Bush vs. Obama

In honour of the departure of the Worst President Ever, and the inauguration of the first Geek President, I have updated my iconic arsonal and added Barack Obama to my list. This could also be called Fear vs. Hope or a host of other contrasting words. This is less a political statement than it is an observation of the global mood. It is easy to vilify Bush since his work is in the past. It is also easy to glorify Obama when he has yet to prove himself.

I started creating icon faces in 1997 when I created one in my own likeness. I follwed by creating them of friends and family. One day I noticed that George W. Bush had an unusually straight nose and a lopsided smirk, and captured him in vector format. When the album American Idiot came out in 2004, I went to a Green Day concert and handed out business cards with my Evil George icon and a link to buy shirts on Cafepress. I think I sold 2. I was banned from Cafepress for selling icons of Michael Jackson on baby bibs with the caption “BAD”. I have also vectorized John Kerry, Michael Moore, Dick Cheney, and Steve Jobs. After spending 3 days working on an icon of Bill Gates, I finally gave up.

Iconic Faces

For a limited time you can pick up shirts of Evil George or Good Barack at RedBubble as linked to below.

Starting The Year Off Creative

There is a very short period of time to make something of your photos and videos before they disappear forever onto a cheap multi-terabyte drive. That’s why I try to upload pictures immediately after (or during) a trip or vacation. Or I take limited footage and edit it into a short video. Today I spent a few hours playing with the kids on New Years Day, then spent a few hours more editing and posting it to Vimeo. I like the documentary style for filming kids.

I shot everything using my new Kodak Zi6, which is a tiny, hand-held camcorder with a built in USB arm. I edited it using iMovie on a MacBook Pro. I saved out an HD version (which is over 2.2 gigs) and a .mov version for the Apple TV and my iPhone.

Please let me know what you think.

New Year’s Day 2009 from jted on Vimeo.

Twitter Tweet Sheet

UPDATE: Tweet Sheet 2 is now available, with updated geekiness. Check it out here.

There’s one things that annoys me about Twitter. Okay, there are two things:

  1. They are always down.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be one official place (including their own site) to get a complete list of mobile and IM commands.

I have fixed all that. Or at least I have fixed #2. I have created an exhaustive, ultra-portable, business-card-sized tweet sheet that you can download, print, cut out, and stick in your wallet or purse. Just click on the image below to download the pdf. Don’t all thank me at once, just go to and follow jted.

Tweet Sheet big

UPDATE: v1.1 has fixed the “PERSOANAL” typo. Not sure exactly what Perso-anal Commands are, but they are now gone.
UPDATE: Another typo has been fixed after almost a year: FAVE now reads FAV. Also, Twitter has disabled TRACKING indefinitely.

Passion Kills Mediocrity

I just listened to a song by grandaddy called Beautiful Ground. Someone made a video for this song using an old Apple ][+. There was something so emotionally raw about the song, and so nostalgic about the black screen and green letters, and the basic code. I love it when another creation sideswipes you with unexpected emotion, and you let it take over. I don’t worry about looking stupid anymore, it’s very freeing. When I hear or see something that affects me, I let it affect me. I WANT to experience my own emotions. I WANT to be open to a range of feelings as opposed to a narrow publicly acceptable swath. It’s actually quite freeing.

I always say this, but having 2 kids is the single most liberating thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t feel like I have to impress anyone– other than my kids of course. And the best way to impress them is to be myself. And the less I try to be someone I’m not, the more me I become. Makes sense doesn’t it!

I’ve actually found myself sitting in traffic with tears streaming down my face, listening to the right song at the right time and feeling like all I have to do is live. Be alive. Enjoy everything. Stop taking things for granted. Start taking risks. Start making real choices. Start creating a future now. Start caring more about other people. Start making time for my family. Start laughing when things are funny. Start speaking my mind. Start hugging my kids more. On and on. It’s funny, but this shit can cascade right out of control if you don’t watch it. The next thing you know I’m going to be exercising and getting up early, and writing books, and making things happen.

Second chances, third chances, fourth chances… we all get them. Every day is another chance to take your life to the next level. You only get to be yourself once, but for the rest of your life. Ha, I wish I had an expensive life-changing product to plug here…

GET PASSIONATE. What would you do if you knew you were going to die in a week? Would you sit around and watch the Apprentice: Martha Stewart edition? (I still might, I’m just asking.) Last night I was at an industry party celebrating (arguably) the best of digital marketing in Canada. I asked a few people if they had their lottery tickets because the draw on Wednesday was for over $40 million. A woman i’d just met from Yahoo! asked me if i would quit my job if i won. I actually paused to ponder. Work is an opportunity to be with other people, and to see what a group is capable of achieving together. If passion and morale can be injected into that space, it can become something great, something that can fulfill value. But I’d also like to try my own thing, something focused entirely on my own interests and bring great people on board to help me achieve my own personal passions. It’s a tough one, but luckily I don’t have to make that decision today because some oil refinery workers in Alberta took the pot. Phew!

Learn. Create. Relax.

Here’s a sample of a business card i’ve been working on for a while. I’m going to print a few copies soon, so if anyone wants a stack, let me know. This is the BACK of the card, where you can keep track of a few practical aspects of your life. Try to keep things in focus. I’m one to talk. This post is a mess, and it’s approaching 1am again, so it’s time for me to sneak upstairs, kiss the future, and drift off.
Mundane LifeFocus™ Cards

Fetus Magazine

Pastels, $5,000 mohair girraffes, and a million baby GAP ads aside, Marth Stewart baby is a fantastic magazine. The art direction is clean and fresh, the photography is soft and warm, and there are some great ideas– like cutting up old t-shirts to make baby hats.

“Step aside Martha, there’s a new kid in town!”

Since D. and I have baby on the brain, I decided to take our best photograph of OUR yet-to-be and create my own magazine. Look for it to hit the newsstands any day now…