Today’s Ideas


Some random ideas for the day.

1,000,000 Crunches

“Want to rectify your stomach situation? Join me to attempt one-million sit-ups before years end. We’ll take pictures of our bellies (gross!) everyday and post them on Instagram along with our daily crunch totals, and remaining crunches to reach our 1,000,000 crunch goal. Don’t forget to use our hashtag: #millionpack”

Vintage View-Master Tumblog

My friend Timmy Stafford and I have a large vintage collection of old view-master slides. He’s got a NASA moon landing. I’ve got Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to Canada. We have fairy tales and comic books. All in tiny 3D. I just need a great macro lens and a light table to share. We could rate and review the reels, cataloging them as we go.

Spontaneous Invention Blog

Get three big canning jars and label them WHAT IS IT, WHAT IS IT MADE OF, and WHAT DOES IT DO. On separate scraps of paper, describe everyday objects and put their names, descriptions and functions into the separate jars. Try to create at least 50 and add as many as I can think of per day. Then, every morning, draw one random and scrambled scrap from each jar and consider the new combination. Think of it as a new invention. Sketch it out, name it, and describe it to the world. Create 365 new inventions in the first year. Invite readers to come up with their own inventions, names, and descriptions along side mine. What fun.

Now back to my regularly scheduled reality.

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