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Realize This!

I just realized that I say, “I just realized…” a disproportionate amount compared to normal conversation. I’m guessing about 62% of my posts contain a sudden realization. It’s like there’s a light bulb hovering over my head… or perhaps it’s more like those OCCUPIED sign lights that go on when you slide the lock shut in an airplane bathroom…

I also really like elipses. And yes, I had to Google, “elipsis plural” to know what to call more than one elipsis…

At any given time I have 30+ tabs open, and am obsessed with saving them. I use two Google Chrome extensions to manage this: FreshStart and Session Buddy. I do microresearch constantly, and go off on literally scores of tangents sometimes from one core idea.

I love numbers. I used to sit and watch my clock radio when I was a kid, just to watch the numbers turn over. I would often count, clicking my teeth together every second, and see how closely my counting to sixty would match up with the changing numbers. Sometimes I was within two seconds of counting off a minute. I could spend an hour doing this as a kid. Watching a clock. And yes, I like watching paint dry too: the way it goes from wet and shiny to matte, the way the matte spreads in reverse across the surface… I also love watching the numbers when downloading torrent files (legal ones of course!). I like knowing exact speeds and percentages. I always have.

I love riffing off of an idea. I like trying to push an idea off a cliff and see how it handles falling, twisting, landing. This might sound macabre, but to me a boring idea is macabre. You will never know if an idea can fly unless you push it off a cliff.

I love the scene in the movie Amélie (which has a much better French title: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain) where the narrator describes the sensational likes and dislikes of various characters. Amélie likes the feeling of pushing her hand into a bag of dry beans…

I love statistics. I remember numbers better than names. I suffer from minor ‘nominal dysphasia’ where I forget a person’s name before they are finished telling it to me. I learned this term by watching the reality tv show Survivor where a character brought up his condition. For some reason, I didn’t forget the name of the condition, but the name of the character escapes me. Recently I needed to remember the numbers 6183, so I did some microresearch on I can remember the year movies came out, so I knew that if I blended Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, I wouldn’t forget it. So I came up with Breakfast On Endor. Now I don’t forget that number. (And yes, I looked up Endor on Google to see if I spelled it correctly.) What was your name, again?

I just realized that now you’ve realized a lot more about me than I intended to write about today. Because I like to post every day, I usually keep some notes of interesting things I come across, or thoughts that come up, or discussions, or even current events. Today is my son’s birthday. He turned 7. I thought I would write about that, but nothing came to me. I write about him quite often, and it just didn’t flow.

I was going to write about some other numbers: like how I just passed four thousand followers on Twitter, but that sounds like bragging (but see how I slipped that in there anyway?). My most recent SlideShare upload about The 8 Creative Types became the Presentation of the Day, and got over 20,000 views so far. That made me happy. It also means I have to get off my ass and write more about it. My bullsh*t Klout score, which I still check even though I hate it and think it’s wrong, went up a point. And despite the FITC conference this month, my website hits for April were over 500 less than March. These numbers are not important, but are no less interesting because of their irrelevance.

I think that’s all the realization I need to make today. It came upon me in a wave of rapid fatigue, that I should stop writing and get some rest.

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