When Idealism Meets Reality… On A Plate

You can buy Fred’s Food Face in fun kids stores, specialty kitchen shops, or online. And it’s a really fun plate with a cute face that encourages the little ones to play with their food. And it all works perfectly well in photoshoots, promotional material, and even when a creative mom or dad plates the food to start. But as soon as kids get their hands on this stuff, it starts to look like a masacre. Today my son was eating ravioli and created this face which he called cute, but I thought looked like an industrial accident at the beef-rendering plant.

We all have impossible ideals of what we might use things for, especially with kids, and we forget that kids think differently than adults. They are messy. They don’t have the same logic pounded into them. They are not hampered by needing to do things ‘correctly’, or neatly, or rightly, or any other kind of ‘ly’. They just do.

I think the Fred Food Face people should consider doing before and after shots… because I can’t stop laughing at how disgusting (and fun) this can really be.


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