I Am A DREAMER And Other Creative Revelations For FITC

I’m working on my FITC (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.) presentation for Toronto next week called Create More Better Different. I am focusing  specifically on the 8 Creative Types this time, instead of trying to squeeze my entire thesis into 40 minutes with 300 slides. This gives me approximately 4 minutes per Type, with about 4 minutes of padding for an intro, and the same for an outro. The outline is simple: most people are under the impression that creativity belongs to the genius elite. Most people do not label themselves as creative. But originality is just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, experimentation is important to learn how to express yourself uniquely, but learning how to associate ideas, and gaining understanding of multiple fields of knowledge is also important. And the one thing most often overlooked is doing the work. Practicing, becoming experienced in your craft, can take more than a decade of devotion. Creativity is the act of connecting things in unexpected ways. Therefore, creativity is made up three fundamental elements: Action, Connection, and Deviation. Some of us have weaknesses in different elements. I, for one, have a weakness in Action. This means I find it very difficult to overcome inertia and get the work done. I have been prone to procrastination, distraction, and self-doubt among other things. This classifies me as a Dreamer: strong Connection and Deviation, but weaker in Action. There are specific tools a Dreamer can add to their creative toolkit to help break through barriers and get the work done. Some I have developed, others are borrowed from the countless books of creative exercises, as well as self-help books about building routines and beating procrastination.

The other types include the Taker, Mimic, Empath, Crazy, Producer, Outsider, and Maker. I can’t wait to share the rest of my thoughts on this on April 25th at FITC. The structure of this presentation is helping me with this section in my book, which I will be releasing first as a rough draft to those who have signed up to pre-pre-order the book I’m working on right now with the same title: Create More Better Different. I hope to see you at the conference!

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