jted’s Top 10 Web Content Collection Tools

There are trillions of pieces of web content out there, and ninety-nine percent of it is irrelevant to your interests. But that remaining one percent (of trillions) is still a lot of stuff. Which is why there is a plethora of niche web services to help you organize and catalogue the things you find along the information super highway. After enjoying Pinterest.com for a few months now, I remembered some of the other web services I have used that are supposed to help me ‘collect’ things, and keep them in nice little buckets. But I am signed up to so many services now, that I need buckets for my buckets… How do I organize and catalogue my copious number of organized catalogues? Here is a short list of services that I still use:

jted’s Top 10 Web Content Collection Tools

In no preferred order:

  1. LinkedIn – for my collection of Business Persons
  2. Tumblr – where I collect cool, creative stuff I stumble across
  3. Amazon Wishlist – where I aggregate the things I want, not just on Amazon but anywhere on the web
  4. Pinterest – which is great for organizing images and videos around themes (like Perfect iPad Accessories)
  5. Delicious Stacks – which re-launched fairly recently and now allows you to group your bookmarks in stacks (like my list of Image Discovery Services)
  6. Instapaper – where I collect more long-form research that I can feed via RSS to my blog (mostly articles on creativity)
  7. YouTube – which allows me to collect funny or ad-related videos (dubiously, there are now huge gaps in my older collections, as if the videos were eaten by moths while I was away)
  8. Feedly via Google Reader – where I collect and organize (and read) the RSS feeds I’ve collected over the years into categories like Infographix, Trendspotting, Architecture, and Friendz
  9. Facebook – for keeping track of everything I like.
  10. Evernote – the web app and service where I collect all of my thoughts

What have you integrated into your daily routines, to capture, catalogue, and review the vast amount of information you come across every day? Feel free to comment below.

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