The Rulercicle

Sometimes we don’t have exactly what we need. But often we have way, way more than we need, if we can just put the right things together.

When my daughter was packing her kit for Art Camp she started to panic. Her list required a ruler. We couldn’t find one in the house, and a tape measure just didn’t seem practical. Even though a small plastic ruler costs less than a dollar, we didn’t have time to go shopping.

Looking at her kit again, I noticed a set of wooden Popsicle sticks. They are hard and straight like a ruler, but lack the appropriate notches. Wondering what I could use for reference I remembered the iHandy Carpenter app I had bought for my iPhone for $1.99.

Using the ruler in the app for reference, and a fancy felt tip ink pen I use to make notes, I started creating an ad hoc ruler. I called it The Rulercicle™.



This simple tool became the envy of her class and my daughter was asked if she could take orders.

It cost a few cents (unless you include the cost of the iPhone!) and a few minutes to make. The ‘disaster’ of not having the required art supply was not only diverted, but the solution became the envy of her peers.

Whenever you don’t have exactly what you need, take a look at your available equipment and tools. Sometimes you will find that you have more than you need already.

Photos taken with an iPhone 4 by Jason Theodor 2012, all rights reserved.

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