Bush vs. Obama

In honour of the departure of the Worst President Ever, and the inauguration of the first Geek President, I have updated my iconic arsonal and added Barack Obama to my list. This could also be called Fear vs. Hope or a host of other contrasting words. This is less a political statement than it is an observation of the global mood. It is easy to vilify Bush since his work is in the past. It is also easy to glorify Obama when he has yet to prove himself.

I started creating icon faces in 1997 when I created one in my own likeness. I follwed by creating them of friends and family. One day I noticed that George W. Bush had an unusually straight nose and a lopsided smirk, and captured him in vector format. When the album American Idiot came out in 2004, I went to a Green Day concert and handed out business cards with my Evil George icon and a link to buy shirts on Cafepress. I think I sold 2. I was banned from Cafepress for selling icons of Michael Jackson on baby bibs with the caption “BAD”. I have also vectorized John Kerry, Michael Moore, Dick Cheney, and Steve Jobs. After spending 3 days working on an icon of Bill Gates, I finally gave up.

Iconic Faces

For a limited time you can pick up shirts of Evil George or Good Barack at RedBubble as linked to below.

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