Heart Transplant

Having a child has tweaked my perspective on myself. I can hardly remember what it was like NOT having a daughter. Who was I? I feel like those days were childhood, and these days are responsibility. I feel like a took my entire life for granted. All of life, for that matter. I really had no memory or concept of what it means to create life or even be life. Sometimes I look down at Madeleine’s calm little sleeping face and I think I must be an imposter, or dreaming, or perhaps tripped into an alternate universe. It’s so hard to fathom the depths of emotion and the awesome power of creating a REAL LIVE PERSON. In my mind the whole universe has been shifted, affected some way. It’s amazing. It’s like looking into an organic mirror that reflects the future and the past at the same time.


What I was going to say is that it’s so easy to take life for granted. I was out for a few minutes buying D some cucumbers and cheese for sandwiches and I caught a headline that said organ donations were way down this year. It made me feel sad. Obviously I’m on a life is precious kick right now. I’m thinking of my own mortality, and immortality– I may live forever through Madeleine just as my ancestor’s live through me.

One night, many moons ago, D and I were playing Pictionary with some friends (they know who they are). I had to draw a quick picture for heart transplant. D liked the picture so much that she made me scan it. I remembered the picture today, and thought I’d share it.

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