Wunderkind Scores 100% on First Test— before Birth!

(Toronto) On April 10th, 2002, in a stunning display of pure genius, fetal Baby McIsaac scored 8 out of a possible eight points in his/her first ultrasound exam. The Biophysical Profile, as it’s called, awards 2 full points in 4 different categories: AFV (amniotic fluid volume), Fetal movements (gross movements), Respiratory Movements (breathing), and Fetal Tone.

“Baby Passes First Test with 100%”
As demonstrated on the diagram (left) fetal Baby McIsaac scored perfect points in all areas. Also of note are the unmistakably life-like pencil illustrations of the placental and fetal positions, the age of the baby (40 weeks, 6 days), and it’s phenominal weight of 4549g (which equals 10.03lbs).

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