i am a creative __________.

a. director | b. writer | c. speaker | d. all of the above


How To Read Game Of Thrones

How To Read Game Of Thrones After two weeks of research and writing, and a few days of editing, I finally published my exploration of reading A Song of Ice and Fire, also known as The Game of Thrones books. It was an exercise in more disciplined writing, and completely inspired by How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My… Read more →


I Just Bought A Collection of Six Trillion Stories

I have been avidly collecting Creativity Aides for the past few years, and very recently stumbled upon The Storymatic. It comes with the following tagline/warning, “Six trillion stories in one little box.” And they are not kidding. With hundreds of character types and objects to combine, it’s a limitless story-generating machine. I just opened the box and started with The Classic Storymatic… Read more →


Today’s Ideas

Some random ideas for the day. 1,000,000 Crunches “Want to rectify your stomach situation? Join me to attempt one-million sit-ups before years end. We’ll take pictures of our bellies (gross!) everyday and post them on Instagram along with our daily crunch totals, and remaining crunches to reach our 1,000,000 crunch goal. Don’t forget to use our hashtag: #millionpack” Vintage View-Master… Read more →

Hot Stuff

Reverse Procrastination: A Friendly Little Demon

My hiatus (from blogging) turned into a dry spell. And what happens when you stop watering the plants? I have some of my happiest moments when I am thinking and ‘working’ on my Creativity Framework. So why do I limit my happiness so much? Why do I only work on it when the situation is right? The key (or at… Read more →


Longing For Perfect

Life is improv. Life is in perpetual beta. I hoped to get this picture perfect, but the burn barrel got between my son and the sky and his sillouette isn’t placed exactly where I wanted it. Oh well. I can obsess or I can let it go. Or can I? I will always try to make it better. I will… Read more →


When Life Gives You Dandylions

When you want a pristine and perfectly uniform green lawn, dandelions are hated. They are disgusting weeds with prickly leaves. But on their own, they are stunningly bright and detailed bee-attractors. So which is it? Why do we create a perspective that demands an industry of weed-killing products? Did you know these little plants are good in salads, or that… Read more →


You Are A Great Divide

The most curious thing about us humans is how we struggle, even when all of our needs are met. Even when we have what we thought we wanted. We are the only creature that can divorce itself from its own body through the mind. We create things that we imbue with meaning. We carry complex ideas for generations. We write… Read more →

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Realize This!

I just realized that I say, “I just realized…” a disproportionate amount compared to normal conversation. I’m guessing about 62% of my posts contain a sudden realization. It’s like there’s a light bulb hovering over my head… or perhaps it’s more like those OCCUPIED sign lights that go on when you slide the lock shut in an airplane bathroom… I… Read more →


The Baddest Robot In The Universes

Today I realized that I can name 5 metals and/or minerals that don’t actually exist, thanks to geek culture. Here they are in order of cultural exposure: Kryptonite – Rare, radioactive ore from Superman‘s home planet of Krypton. It comes in many colours, but the most common is glowy and green. Created by DC Comics. Adamantium – Man-made, nearly indestructible metal alloy most famous… Read more →


The 8 Creative Types Presentation

The 8 Creative Types View more presentations from Jason Theodor Design Edge Canada covered my presentation at FITC Toronto and wrote a great summary of the work: Here are the eight types and [Jason Theodor’s] explanation of each: The Taker (The Consumer): Desires to be creative, but succumbs to inertia. Craves meaning and voice, but dreams of winning American Idol. Needs… Read more →